Spectrum Steps

For parents who want to make their dreams a reality.

Designed for parents of autistic kids and teens, to help you define the steps needed to take your child from surviving to thriving.

Parents that want to know which steps to take that are going to take them closer to their desired future.

Spectrum Steps

Parenting a child on the Spectrum, can be overwhelming, there's so much to consider in the months and years following the assessment process.

There's sharing the news with family, with your child (when should that happen exactly?!), there's sharing information with school (at the beginning of each year, for each class teacher, and each school year!).

There is understanding their sensory and thinking differences and finding a way to explain this to those around you.

You may be still working out how to understand their behaviour, their feelings, their friendships and how to support their anxiety and wellbeing.

The list can be endless and the steps towards clarity, unclear!

And the extra challenge is trying to find time for yourself to keep energy levels up to ensure you don't burn out, fall down in a heap or overlook something important.

With so many things to consider, the overwhelm and confusion is real! But it doesn't have to be!

In Spectrum Steps you will:

Understand and communicate your child's strengths

Explore a strengths approach to understanding the goals for therapy and/or intervention.

Learn to confidently share the diagnosis with your child and others

Understand the power of strengths, the importance of language in sharing the diagnosis and feel confident in doing this and being your child's or teen's advocate.

Explore & amplify your mindset

Understand your mindset and how this shapes belief and expectations and how to develop helpful ones.

Understand neurodivergent processing and how it affects all ares of life

Understand the unique way of thinking and how it influences thinking, emotions, empathy and learning. Explore challenges such as anxiety, depression that frequently co-exist.

Track progress and your life goals

Map current life functioning and design your steps towards your short and long term goals

"Getting regular coaching and education sessions will keep you motivated and accountable to work on your dreams and goals, so you actually take STEPS towards the future you and your child deserves!"

Spectrum Steps with support from Kate French, Clinical Psychologist, will be tailored to you and your family.

Yep this is me! When I'm not online delivering parent coaching, I have a practice called Side by Side Psychology, in a regional town called Mildura, (Australia), that I run and consult in.

I've been following my heart's passion which is working with families that recognise that their child (or they!) are on the Spectrum. I help them with their mental health, skill building interventions and parent coaching. I've been doing this work with adults, families, toddlers, kids and teens for the past 16 years. I love this work and I love my clients (they and you are amazing people!).

However, I wanted to help more parents, so Spectrum Steps has been created for parents that are driven to take the knowledge to support themselves and their children.

Spectrum Steps is a blend of my knowledge and expertise that parents can use to take the steps towards their ideal future. And through this program parents can come together and develop a plan that will bring their dreams to life.

Coaching from your home taking


towards your future 


We've got A's for your Q's

How do I know Spectrum Steps it's for me?

Spectrum Steps is for you if you are a parent that is unsure of where to start on their journey after diagnosis and are keen to have a clear plan.

It's for you if you seek clarity and escape from feeling overwhelmed about where to begin or what to prioritise.

It's for you want to know how to explain your child to others succinctly (and with authority!), when you are advocating on their behalf.

It's for you if you are keen to understand your child's differences and how to celebrate and expand on their amazing abilities and strengths.

It's for you if you believe that a diagnosis should not limit them from having the most amazing life.

It's for you if you want to be around other parents who also feel this way.

It's for you if you want to enjoy being a parent and grow your confidence in this challenging role.

What is the commitment to be involved?

This group will require you to commit to two-three meetings each week for three weeks, as well as completion of activities in between each sessions. The livestreams will be about an hour each week and the Zoom will also be approximately an hour. You can also decide how involved you want to be in the closed FB Group.

How many will be in the group?

The group will be a small group of like minded parents, with a maximum of 12. The beauty of this being delivered online though is that you can invite your partner to also attend. A small group allows us to address your needs and goals easily.

Can my child's NDIS funding be used for this coaching?

I am a non-registered provider of support and intervention for participants that have NDIS funding. It is possible that participants that have allocation for parent coaching that is disability specific can use this funding for this program.  

What if I can't make a session?

Each information session will streamed and saved into the Spectrum Steps Facebook group. The Zoom sessions will also be saved into this closed group for you to watch if you happen not to be able to make it.

What equipment do I need to have to be in the group?

It’s recommended that you have a secure internet connection and some headphones that has a microphone imbedded. It is also ideal if you can have privacy and minimal background noise so that you are able to hear the content and are able to talk freely. You will also need to have access to Facebook and join the closed Facebook group-as that is where our session recordings, notices and files will be shared for the life of the group.

What are the dates?

The dates for the first round of Spectrum Steps will be the 21st January 2021. Dates later in the year, will be announced a month prior.

Keep an eye out on Kate’s social media profiles or join her mailing list to hear as soon as a new program is open.  

Will Spectrum Steps be run again if I can’t make this one?

It is anticipated  that Spectrum Steps will run a number of times in 2021, with dates announced a month prior.

How do I join?

Head to the bottom of this page to complete the form with your name and email contact. If you are paying yourself, then click the link to make the single payment of $499 to join Spectrum Steps.

Alternatively if you are going to use funding, contact Kate directly to confirm the invoice be sent to your or your NDIS Plan Manager.  

What happens once I've joined Spectrum Steps?

Once you have joined Spectrum Steps through the link below, you will receive an email inviting you to join the closed Facebook Group Spectrum Steps.

Within the files section you will find your workbook you can download.

The Zoom link that we will use each week will also be pinned to the top of this Group page.

The Live Facebook session will occur on the days outlined in the Spectrum Steps Facebook Group, with the Zoom sessions at the outlined dates.

Getting into Spectrum Steps will

provide you the information to make decisions on, a space to develop a plan and a focus. It will also provide you with the tools to understand where you need to narrow your attention. It will help you to have a detailed understanding, as well as an overall picture of where you are headed.

Spectrum Steps will outline your personal pathway

This is for the parent that is ready to find clarity about you and your child and how to make a plan that will keep you focused and optimistic.

Each week as a member of Spectrum Steps you will get:

  • Up to date knowledge of the Spectrum way of thinking and how to support it
  • Exploration of challenges to progress such as mental health difficulties like anxiety and depression
  • Time to develop your Life Balance Map
  • Time to focus on your parent mindset
  • Support from like-minded parents
  • A chance to have questions answered with me- your coach & clinical psychologist
  • All this will take you closer to the future you dream of
  • Total Group Price is $499

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