Find your light, your direction & people

GLIMMER will take you from the confusion and overwhelm of first learning about the Autism Spectrum and how it relates to you, to insight, understanding and belonging.

If you're on a waiting list for an assessment, intervention or support, then Glimmer could help.






You want the support of the right professionals so you can feel sure of the path you are on. You want to be able to trust you are getting the right information.

You want to understand more about Autism, about which interventions are effective (and for what), which will help with which challenges and how to coordinate it all-without feeling overwhelmed!

You want to know that there are other parents who are going through what you are and that also understand your experiences. You want to feel connected and supported.

You want to have a sense of hope for your child's future and you want to instil this in them. You want to trust in your decisions and move forwards into the future with positivity.


Meet Kate.

Kate French is a Clinical Psychologist and the founder of Side by Side Psychology, which is a practice in Mildura, Victoria.

Kate works with parents, toddlers, children, teens and adults that are all Neurodiverse. For the past 16 years she has been working face to face with families and continues to do this today.

Being a psychologist in a small rural town, the demand quickly filled available hours. But wanting to help more families with the knowledge she's acquired, the idea of an online group program was developed.

This program is Kate sharing her expertise, knowledge and drawing together wonderful parents-like you.

You need support, the right information and belonging, especially at the beginning of your autism journey.


GLIMMER is the first steps towards understanding how getting an assessment to confirm your child being Autistic has touched you and your family, and how you can feel hopeful and supported moving forwards.

Too often families feel alone on this path and GLIMMER is about providing the information, education and support at this time.

Kate's role is to light the path and be a guide, so you can do your job of being the the best parent you can for your child and your family.

Allow Kate to guide you through the autism essentials, by spending time with her and a small group of like minded parents.


You are a parent that has recently found out that your child is or may be autistic. You are unsure and overwhelmed about what needs to happen first or how to make it happen.

You are at the beginning of your journey and are seeking clarity on 'where to from here'? and 'what do I need to know?' and 'what does the future look like?'.....

GLIMMER is for parents like you who want to know what they can expect in the coming days, weeks, months and years but wants to feel hopeful looking forwards.

You are keen to understand how being neurodiverse* might change things in your life and you are passionate about how to support your child the best way you can.

This program is for those parents that are searching for a sense of hopefulness and excitement about the future for their child and for their family and are prepared to commit to this.

As part of this program YOU WILL:

  • Expand your knowledge of Neurodiverse presentations
  • Have guidance on the plan for your child
  • Feel connected to others who understand your perspective
  • Have a safe space to ask and have your questions answered
  • Receive 2 hours of expertise from a clinical psychologist each week
  • Bring clarity to your future goals
  • Create a positive start to your journey

*Neurodiverse or being neurodivergent is a term used to describe diverse neurology-brains- including autism, ADHD and dyslexia that is just different to what is considered 'typica'l brain neurology.

Total Group Price:

Amplify the Light...

This four week online group program will be a chance for you to get the essential information and insights, so you can easily see where you are going. Glimmer will turn a glow into a shine and light the way with like-minded parents who are also on a similar journey taking you from overwhelm and confusion to hope.

GLIMMER will shine a light on.......


You will understand and reflect on the assessment process you have been through and be clear on understanding how a conclusion about the Autism Spectrum is drawn from behaviour, sensory and emotional information.

You will reflect on understanding your child (or what you can expect if you are about to embark on the assessment process).

You will look at your family supports and issues of sharing this (to family or your child) and the different models for understanding autism.

Systems & Interventions

You will reflect on your goals, supports and priorities depending on the age and needs of your child.

You will learn what is important to consider for intervention options for your child and also cover the different disability, education and medical systems that you may need to navigate.

You will learn about key challenges to understanding specific therapies including early intervention, therapies (social stories, Autplay, social thinking) and modified cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness based therapies.

Parenting, Families & Self-care

You will reflect on parental self care, ideas and parenting interventions and programs.

You will also look at family issues such as non-diagnosed members and the impact on siblings and how this affects decisions making.

You will be able to see the pathway forwards when parenting children who have a different way of thinking, behaving and experiencing.


Who is GLIMMER for ?

GLIMER is for YOU if you are a parent that does not want to be alone and overwhelmed by what to do and where to go, in your journey.

It's for YOU if you want to have guidance, understanding and belonging as you learn about the wonderful facets of being an Autism family and what this means in practical terms.

It's for YOU if you know you want to feel supported and optimistic about the future and are prepared to take the steps to develop this.

What is the commitment to be involved in GLIMMER ?

Being involved in GLIMMER will be a maximum commitment of two hours each week, to take in the content and then meet as a group. A live or recorded presentation will occur within our closed Facebook Group each Monday (AEST).

Each Friday there will be a secure Zoom Meeting meeting with the group discussing the content delivered and answering your questions. The length of this will vary between 60-90minutes depending on group size.

Times that these meeting will start will be varied to suit the group, but will be between 9-2pm (AEST), however if we get a mix of participants from different time zones, we will endeavour to get times to suit as best we can.

How many will be in the group?

This group program will be a small community of like minded parents, so we are limiting it to a maximum of 10 parents only. However because it is delivered online, if you want your partner to also attend your meetings then this is encouraged. A small group allows us to be able to address your specific needs and reflections more easily.

Can my child's NDIS funding be used for this training and support?

Kate is a non-registered provider of support and intervention for clients that have NDIS funding. Families have been known to have training and parent coaching support covered by NDIS if they are Self or Plan Managed. It is advisable that you discuss this with your Plan Manager (if you have one) and ensure that this program aligns with the goals of your child's plan. Just provide confirmation of a payment commitment from a Plan Manager prior to commencing the group.

What if I can't make a session?

If you cannot make the Facebook Live or the Zoom Q&A session, these will all be recorded and these can be found within the Glimmer- Facebook Group. These will be kept until the group is concluded. So if you miss a session you can easily catch up.

If you have any concerns about security, refunds or terms and conditions, please head see the Privacy Policy below or head the Kate French website for Terms and Conditions.

What equipment do I need to have to be part of the group?

We recommend you have a secure internet connection and some headphones that has a microphone imbedded. It is also ideal if you can have privacy and minimal background noise so that you are able to hear the content and on the Zoom session so you can talk freely. You will also need to have access to Facebook and join the closed Facebook Group- as that is where our session recordings, notices and files will be shared for the life of the group.

Will GLIMMER be offered again?

It is anticipated that Glimmer will be offered a number of times throughout the year. Follow Kate French on her socials on Facebook: Kate French and Instagram-katetfrench for information about new groups and their times.

What are the dates for GLIMMER?

Information/Education sessions are Monday into the group and the closed Zoom Meetings are Fridays/Saturdays.

Sign up to Kate's list for regular updates and to be the first to know about new dates through 2021.

How do I become part of this group?

Head the the bottom of this page to complete the FORM with your name and email details. Following this, you will receive an email inviting you to join the closed Facebook Group.

Then also click the PINK button below to make the single payment of $499 pay for GLIMMER. (If you are requiring an invoice for NDIS purposes, please email at

Once you are joined up within our closed Group you will find your Workbook in the Files section which you can then download.

I look forward to seeing you in the group!

Kate x