There’s nothing worse than getting a diagnosis for your child and being given suggestions…………..but finding that after this feedback, you don’t know how to really help your child post their autism diagnosis.

You get told your child should or could be attending therapy or intervention but nobody really takes the time to educate and explain to parents like yourself what that looks like, what the options are and how to make choices and decision when it comes to your child(ren), along with how to best support them as a parent.

We hear all about how you have to focus on the child and teen wellbeing and build positive mental health………..but not HOW to do it, especially when you are not a TYPICAL family.

One of the things that I hear every single day is the overwhelming number of acronyms that you as a parent need to try to decipher when it comes to what your child needs-From the diagnostic terms like ADOS, WISC’s and WPPSI’s, and to therapy terms such as ABA, DIR, ESDM and CBT and ACT, WTAF………….Ha ha, Just kidding on the last one, although many parents certainly feel that way!

You’re reading this probably because you have been told that your child needs some kind of therapy following their diagnosis. Interventions might range from learning how to do things for themelves; to share, to learn, to make friends, to manage emotions, regulate aggression, and how to socialise. There’s a lot to try to process. There are a lot of decisions that need to get made.

But how do you know what decisions to make?

How do you know what to do first?

How do you know that you’ve made the right decisions for your child?

Some common things I hear every day are that children and families are struggling with ‘simple’ things like being able to get kids dressed, to get them happily to school, to trickier things such as getting along with one another, through to the more complex issues around supporting your child with their social interactions, their communication, their emotions and how they can thrive.

There is a huge amount of updated data, research and evidence to support a range of different ways to help assist your children. It’s really ground breaking because for the last 25 years, we (as practitioners), have been relying on strategies that quite simply are just not for everyone-due to them not being sustainable, achievable nor needed for many families (for example recommendations about spending 20+ hours per week in therapy). Many of these therapies and strategies were (and may still be), about trying to make autistic children ‘less visibly autistic’ and primarily concerned with addressing ‘behaviours of concern’.

Current and autistic informed research, that I wholeheartedly support, is about helping your children embrace who they are and supporting them to thrive in the world the live in. Not enough is being talked about this perspective, nor about embracing the strengths families and individuals already possess.

THIS is why I have put this program together.

To help decipher this world of neurodiversity.

To help you come up with an appropriate plan to help your child, your family and yourself.

To help you navigate the endless range of therapy options, stretegies, tools and approaches.

Most of all I want to make this less stressful, I want to make this as painless as possible and make this journey as easy as possible for you to do all of this.

Current ideas for parenting and supporting neurodivergent children and teens.

Each month a different therapy, a strategy, a tool or approach, aligned to optimise child & teen wellbeing and positive mental health keeping the needs of autistic and other neurodivergent individuals in mind.

Hi I’m Kate. Clinical Psychologist, Coach and Mentor to parents and children. I’m so excited to bring you my latest program All the Gems.

This program is for those those that want to be informed about what is current, effective and empowering for families, autistic kids and teens.

  • It's for those that have a burning desire to learn about the keys to good emotion regulation and positive mental health within a view that different brains require a different approach.
  • It's for those that want solutions focused on inherent strengths.
  • It's for those that can prioritise 30-60 minutes of learning each month
  • And for those that are keen to be part of a community that supports connection around learning while honouring each person's individual journey.

So if that’s you, keep reading!

So what you will get each month during these education sessions?

Benefit of 1000’s of hours of knowledge and insights gleaned from parents, autistic children and teens.

Understanding about a wide range of therapies, interventions , skills and programs and how these have been experienced by individuals and those that are being commonly discussed in autism research, by autistic researchers, autistic adults and therapists.

Understanding about a wide range of therapies, interventions, skills and programs commonly discussed in autism research, by autistic researchers, adults and therapists allies.

Each month we'll do a deep dive on a differnt therapy, skill focus or intervention. We'll discuss common experiences so you can get a feel for whether it could be helpful for you and your family. It will cover the research, the strengths and the challenges with each approach, so you can learn if it's right for you..

Gain confidence in knowing what is the right fit for you. You will continue to build skills and knowledge at your own pace.

After you have joined All the Gems you'll be developing knowledge, support and trust in your own instincts about what is important in your journey.


Finding the right information about what therapy approach or tools to use is not usually easy to do. It’s frequently either overwhelming and usually embedded in the medical model understanding of autism, that is deficits focused. If you are after strengths and positive psychology informed information about good god mental wellbeing tools and parenting skills, then All the Gems does all the hard work for you.

Hand picking therapy topics, interventions and skills that have been used with Autistic individuals and their families that improves their wellbeing, is neurodiverity affirming as well as being based on the most current research.

Joining All the Gems will take you from being unsure and overwhelmed to share with the nuggets of valuable information, keeping up to date with interventions that are respectful and affirming of neurodiverse learning and experiencing.



Each month All the Gems delivers education and information on skills, therapies, tools and supports that can assist those looking for help with emotion regulation, sensory supports, communication barriers, parenting and mental health challenges.


Through an online group, members can meet to be part of the monthly presentations- live. You’ll be able to interact, ask questions and be motivated to take the time out to develop knowledge with accountability built in. All the Gems sessions are recorded so you can come back to these for the life of the subscription.


All the Gems is for parents and carers, students, educators and mental health practitioners including psychologists, social workers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, doctors and paediatricians and other health professionals keen to learn about interventions suitable for children and teens who are neurodivergent and those supporting them. A community will build full of those that are affirming of difference and using for strengths as a platform to grow.


These are the current main categories of topics that will help guide the content each month, but over time it’s likely that more topics will evolve and be added.



Kate French | Clinical Psychologist | Coach | Mentor

“Hi, lovely to virtually meet you! Welcome and thanks for taking the time to check out my newest program-All the Gems. I hope you see that this ongoing program is a way you can stay connected with others, stay up to date with current thinking in the autistic wellbeing space, straight from me to you!

So what’s my story? Well, when I'm not online delivering parent coaching and training, I have a psychology practice called Side by Side Psychology, in a regional town called Mildura, (Australia), that I run and consult in. I'm also a wife and mum to three daughters and have family members that are neurodivergent (autistic and adhd). Part of my self care that helps balance the caring and doing involves reading, meeting my book club members, YOGA, being creative and spending time with pets, family and friends.

I've been following my heart's passion which is working with families that recognise that their child/children (or they!) are Autistic. I endeavour to assist them with their mental health, skill development, interventions to assist with anxiety, friendships and life. I also regularly provide parent coaching in the emotion coaching space. I've been doing this work with adults, families, toddlers, kids and teens for the past 17 years and am fortunate to still be invigorated by this work and the people that I get to meet in doing it.

All the Gems is my way of being able to help you as parents, carers, educators or therapists to understand the 'nuts and bolts' of the many different kinds of tools and therapy approaches that I'm passionate about and have been part of my learning as a psychologist and coach.

Each month I will share an in-depth discussion via our closed online group. In this space you can ask questions and guide your learning on any of the many topics that I've outlined above-or come back and watch the recording later. If you find there are some topics you are curious about, but I’ve not flagged them, I will do my best to share my knowledge on it, or point you in the direction of those that know more than I. Or even better, invite them to join me to speak on this topic!

So hopefully this has helped clarify why you should join me each month where you can uncover all the goodness, all the ideas and inspirational stories that will help you along in your journey!

Speak to you soon”,





  • Receive a new education presentation each month.
  • Be part of a Community hosted by Kate French.
  • Take each month as it comes to see if you are getting the value you seek.
$10 per month



  • Receive a new education presentation each month.
  • Be part of a Community hosted by Kate French.
  • Two months free education sessions
  • Bundle of PDF Resources
  • Free Access to the "The Essentials for Anxiety in Autism-The Training" (VALUED AT $49)


  • Receive a new training presentation each month.
  • Be part of a Community hosted by Kate French.
  • 1 month free education session
  • Bonus Bundle of PDF Resources


We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

There are three different subscription options for you, ranging from $10 a month which you can end at anytime, up to the Yearly Subscription which is $100 including access to the montly education sessions, PDF bundle and a bonus program.  Choose the subscription that suits you best.

How do I know it's for me?

If you love to learn, want to understand therapies, tools, latest research relating the wellbeing and health of neurodivergent children and teens and how you can help them? Then it's for you. If you want to join a community of people who also want to learn from a strengths focused and neurodiversity affirming lens so you can feel supported going forward into your own lives, then this is definitely for you!  

Does it matter if I'm new to learning about autism?

Nope! If you're just learning then it's great that you have found this space where autism and different kinds of neurology is celebrated. This is certainly not always the experience for many people when first learning about autism. Developing a positive understanding and approach good mental health and wellbeing is an important part of learning about autism and All the Gems hopes to provide a vast array of resources that are effective, respectful and empowering for parents, supporters and autistic individuals.

How much do I have to participate?

It's totally up to you. We think you'll have more sense of support and community if you ask questions or contribute in the closed online forums, but this is entirely your choice. Please note that an online forums such as Facebook and other social media platforms are considered a public forum and there is no confidentiality or privacy.  

How will this help me?

All the Gems is an education program designed deliver insights into different therapies, tools and resources. It is not intended to replicate individual or group coaching, but the information will be helpful, based on current neurodiversity affirming research. The information provided is general by nature and not to be taken as health recommendations specific individual advice. Should you require further support on a topic, it is suggested you speak with your health practitioner or therapist further. Please review the Privacy Policy and Conditions about the conditions of this service.

What am I committing to?

As part of your membership, whether it is month to month, 6 monthly or yearly, you can end membership at any time. These are recorded for those that can’t attend live and you can have access for your time in the program.

Can I use NDIS funding to purchase the membership?

If you are a participant (or your child is), you may be able to use your NDIS funding to purchase the membership. If you are Self or Plan managed, just complete the payment and then proof of purchase can be provided to your Plan Manager or into the portal for reimbursement.  

Will the topics change from year to year?

We're adding new topics each every month and are open to ideas for further content to be delivered. Please email at if you have suggestions.